Month: October 2011

Lucky Charm

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Lucky charm anyone? We’ll for me, it’s like 50/50. Say 50% luck and 50% work.

Dim room, no flash, ISO 250, Macro on to focus closely without an SLR lens. Glass table with light and steady hands. Holding my breath in 1..2….3 click!


Yellow bell, Santan, Euphorbia so far

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Euphorbia Milli
Philippine Santan
Yellow Bell

So far I have three. More to come……..1…..2….3…CHEEZE!

Euphorbia milli, aka: Corona de espina (Span.) or Crown of thorns (Engl.)

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In my Physical Therapy practice way back, I had a stroke patient. I called her Manang, and my treatment session with her was free of charge. Every month, her husband – Manong Poncing hands me pot of this flower. I didn’t know that this was so popular.

That flower was…..

Close up..

In raw form with no post editing. Hope you all like the shot. Thanks to Mi Amor’s DSC T99.

Philippine Santan (Ixora philippinensis Merr), AKA:Jungle flame(Engl.) or Jungle geranium (Engl.)

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Back in the days, this was one of the most common flower at our driveway. Either in yellow or pink. I remember, sipping the sweet nectar out of it.

Here you go..

* back in the days = noong araw (tag.) hmmm… much more like it.

Allamanda, aka Yellow Bell / Kampanilya (tag.)

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One morning. Went out for a shot. Here’s what I got. Thank you God.

Flower – always my favorite subject.

Side note: Leaf extract is purgative. Plant’s bark and latex in high doses = poisonous.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse – we’ve been Disnie’d

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Sunday – Are we going to the “Meet and Greet” press con of Disney Live? says Mi Amor. I said, hmmm it’s better to rest this Sunday. “Ah ok!” she said, Mickey and Minnie will be there!…….. My partially closed eyes went up and the surge of adrenaline poured down and shot my sleepy awareness. Lets GO!! I replied… hahaha.

Stormy afternoon at the 42nd floor of Discovery Suite Mi Amor and I found ourselves with……… hahaha!