Datsun 240z (S30) – Fairlady Z

Mi Hija and I

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The Car – Finally

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Now, after all that has been written the history of the acquisition of the car was known. Restoration began Mid June and was finished in December. I have obtained alot of infos online and was able to source other parts from the US.

The car was stripped to metal. Then rusts were scraped, and all damaged panels were replaced with new sheets of metal. It took a while since there was a lot. The car has no chassis – it’s one of those units back then that was designed to be monocoque – meaning body and chassis in one.

I have used Anzahl brand of paint – RED color model code Triple 8 red. Interior, my brother and I sourced a new set of seats from a Nissan Sylvia reupholstered with German leather in two tone configuration. For the gauges, we have replaced the original stock gauges with Autometer models sourced from the US. All fits since it was the gauges that was recommended by enthusiasts.

On the other note, while the car was being restored, I have asked the auto shop to bring the engine home. Every day as I finished my volunteer work at the City health center, I cleaned the engine. Brushing and replacing all bolts and nuts, belt, gaskets and seals. Later on, I repainted the engine block with high temperature spray paint. Further on, I made th cylinder head cover unique, painting it like a DOHC configuration. The 2 SU carbs we’re also cleaned. The choke assembly was stuck and I had to cleaned it thoroughly. Otherwise, with a locked choke – you get more power but less fuel economy and black smoke. I have also replaced the oil on those SU carbs. I used ATF.

The mags – My father brought it to repolishing thus giving a new look – Bling Bling Bling.

Suspension – I have put in ENERGY Suspension Polyurethane bushing kit for the whole car also sourced from the US – perfomance model. The shock absorbers I source locally (Banawe Qc.).

All in all I can say that the car, well about 80% restored. 20% left since some parts we’re not easily repaired or replaced. Like the windshield front and rear and some little components.

Sometimes I say to myself, was I destined to help and rehabilitate people or was it for cars? hahaha.

The Car – Far East Movement’s Rocketeer

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An appearance to Far East Movement’s Rocketeer MTV. In orange, white, and green.

The Car con’t….Acquisition

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1 April Morning. My kid brother and I drove to the nearest slaugther house. As agreed previously we’re to include a live goat with the purchase. We bought 1 white buck – costing around P3k.  Driving with a live goat at the back of our owner type jeep was kinda weird. Nevertheless, we spearheaded home. A black label is ready from our Mom’s collection. So all in all we got the P15k, the goat, and the liquor. We’re set! at last.

Next day, I brough all the payment, I say all since it includes multiple type of payments hahhhaa. Uncle gave us the key, and 1 trunkload of spare components. YAHOO! my brother said – with wiggling knees! as for me, I don’t know if I’ll say YES aloud or just smile till my facial muscles aches.

I opened the door, and sat at the driver’s seat – so as my brother at the passenger’s side. It’s 2 door and only 2 seaters. Started the engine, and the sound of misfires and mistiming growled. I smiled and say – wow! hahaha. Put in first gear, and off we went. The suspension system – dead, the passenger’s cabin floor – partly a floor and I could see the hot tarmac. Gauges partly functional for the fuel meter kept on playing up and down. Gear shift to second plus engine braking to first was ok. The cogs from the transmission was still biting. Clutch somewhat sliding and the forward travels veers to  right.

At last the car is ours. Our 3 car garage though cannot accomodate it with shade. So it stayed at the courtyard.

Added to our Family – thus we named: 240z.

The other siblings:

Jeep – 1973 owner type jeep

Green – 1976 Toyota Corona Macho

Millano – 1997 Mitsubishi Lancer GLXi

The Car – con’t…Decisions

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Friday afternoon. Dad reading his proceedings for his afternoon court hearing said: Pet! uhumm. I told him that a relative is selling his Datsun 240z. I gave him the magazine and gave him a summary of the car’s history. Hmmmm he answered, too old, we might need to fix a lot and parts might cost high. Ah ok I murmured. He gave back the magazine and continued reading his case file. Oh well told to myself.

Saturday afternoon. Brother and I spoke to our relative – Uncle Francing(+RIP).  A gearhead, retired US Navy, and a car addict. He showed the car with…… I mean WITH 2 BALIKBAYAN Boxes of uninstalled components ready for use in restoration. He told us, he no longer have the time to finish the car. So since we’re relatives, he’s thinking of giving us the winning bid. 3 other unfortunate folks loss and we’ve won.

Now, for the price – How much? hmmmm would P15k suffice, also throw in a live goat plus a bottle of Black Label. We we’re speechless. Elbow struck my side, it was my brother’s – as if time stopped and the sound theme from twilight zone kept on playing. CALL! GO! YES! we answered (though deep inside I said – where in bloody hell should we get that! – Should I sell all the harvest this quarter? should we sell our intestines, kidneys, our soul? or…hehehe). We left with smile not thinking about the P15k, the live goat, and the Black label.

Sunday. While cruising with Mom to Church I decided to give my case, ala court of appeals. The lower court (Dad) dismissed the exhibits and arguments I presented. So now, to the next upper court. What! Mom said. I know that car. Way back in college, my friends used to drive one. Tell me how much and we’ll figure out where to source the cash.  Smiling I drive, I shifted to 5th gear and we headed to Church.

More to come…

The Car – con’t..The Commercials..

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2 pm. Gey! -my brother-, do we have load on our dial up ISP? Yes! he answered. Got connected then, I research on Datsun 240Z and multiple entries showed on Google. Now, I was so curious how did the advertising companies back then showed commercial in analog versus the digitally edited ones of today.

The evolution of the car and it’s commercial:

after how many years – here it is….